Architectural services a la carte

At the beginning of any project despite size and scope, I would highly urge you to contact an architect (preferably me of course!) to guide you.  I receive an average of one call per week that deals with things that don’t require an architect, but alas I always guide the person on the other end of the phone the best way I can.  Most people never come in contact with an architect and don’t really understand exactly what it is that we do, nor do they understand when they would require our services.  To learn more about getting an architect involved in a project early, please click here.

A sample question that I received recently via email was, “I have a kitchen that I’d like to tear out and rebuild…could you help me?”  servicesI told the person that he should simply go to a cabinet retailer and go over their vision with the cabinet company.  Most cabinetry places have in-house designers that will actually give their design services for free because they make their money on the sale of the cabinets themselves.  We don’t sell any products only professional services.

Another question regarding our services, “I have a house that I like but I don’t like how it looks from the outside…can you help?”  In this case I could help.  The way that I would/could help depends on how many of our a la carte services the person would want.  I could simply help in the design stage or I could also get more involved throughout the build.  It varies greatly depending on the project.

A more extreme question, “I have land but I’m not sure what to build…can you help?”  Now this question is multifaceted because this would require my entire team.  I would personally help out with architecture, my civil engineer would help me out with the site work, my MEP engineers would help out with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and my structural engineer would help with the structure of the building(s) that will go on the site.  Of course before any of this could be tackled we’d first have to come up with an architectural program to talk about the most effective way to design the project.  This usually starts by creating a series of feasibility studies to master plan the project.

The point is, whether it is one, two, five, or zero services that you may need from an my team, it is always in your benefit to just check in with us first so we can tell you exactly what would be in your best interest.  My firm is designed around passion not money.  I go out of my way to not charge people for unnecessary things if they don’t need them and the last thing I would want to do is tell someone they need an architect when all they really need is a kitchen designer or even a handyman.  I take the standard of care as an architect extremely seriously which means that my clients’ needs always trump anything else.  I want their project to be successful whether I am involved (hopefully I am!) or not.

If you have any questions about your next project please feel free to contact me directly here.