How to choose an architectural style

There are many factors that you should think about when choosing an architectural style: lifestyle (e.g. casual vs. formal), climate, macro and micro surroundings, and most importantly – personal style.

Here are a few ideas that may help you in your decision in choosing an architectural style that is right for you:

  1. Start a physical scrapbook of things you like as well as things you don’t like.  Take pictures of buildings and then take very specific notes commenting on things such as:  materials, fenestration (fancy architectural word for building openings including but not limited to doors and windows), balber architecture loft project concept - fakro windowsroof-lines, proportions, colors,  scale, and the overall feeling the building evokes in you.
  2. Start a digital scrapbook basically following the same protocol except this time scour the internet.  One idea would be to run a Google image search for architectural styles.
  3. Start a notebook basically writing yourself notes about things you would like to have in your building.  Once again, the more specific the better.

Whenever I start a new project I always tell the client to bring in anything and everything they have in order to best define the “target” I am trying to hit.  The more information I can gather from the owner the easier it will be for me to please the client.  I’ve seen some cases where the client brings in stacks upon stacks of photos and clippings…while others bring in less than five images.  Either way has the potential to work dependent upon the client’s particular desires.  Sometimes I can help an indecisive client by simply interviewing them and coming up with suggestions based upon my professional experience.