avenue cellars

  • GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE:ย  1,200 sf
  • STATUS:ย  Completed
  • LOCATION:ย ย Tampa, Florida

The concept brought to Mr. Balber was to have different โ€œavenuesโ€ that would represent wine cellars from around the world.ย  We were given a very minimal budget so we really had to stretch design dollars to achieve the look without breaking the bank.ย  We developed the design into an architectural vocabulary that would accentuate the different cellars. We wanted to create a subdued atmosphere where the wines would truly take center stage. The feminine curvature of the bar is accentuated by the bold and somewhat masculine lines of the cellars. The curve is also reminiscent of the grape; the quintessential ingredient in wine. The subtle spot lights and hidden puck lights create a soft ambiance conducive to lounging, laughing, conversing, and of course drinking fantastic wines from around the globe.