I have land but I’m not sure what to build…

A lot of people think that architects “draw buildings”.  I know it sounds funny…even looks funny to see it in type, but it is true.  When I tell people I’m an architect some typical responses I hear are things like, “oh so you draw buildings right?” “do you design the building inside and out?”  “do you do the floorplans for buildings?”  “do you design houses or commercial stuff?”  “do you work on the site?”  “do you work on interiors?”…the point being, most people don’t understand how much (or how little) architects offer.  This brings up the question at hand:  what do you do with your land?  Well the first thing I would suggest is calling a talented, multi-award-winning, humble (ahem) architect such as, I don’t know, myself! 🙂  In all seriousness though, calling an architect is a great step even at the infancy stage of a project be it big or small.

The rationale is that the architect will help you maximize what you can do on your parcel.  I’ve been involved with many developers as well as general people off the street that come to me with a site that they’ve purchased and tell me what they’d like to do.  For example, “Dave I have this parcel of land that we love and we’d like to put up a 3,000 sf sitehouse on it.  What do you think?”  Well the first thing I’d want to do is analyze the site and see if in fact what they are asking for is feasible.  I would work up a few rough feasibility studies to see if their concept can work and if not I would give them alternatives.  I would also make suggestions on how to best utilize what the site has to offer.  Another example would be if a developer came to me with a site and said he wants to place 12 townhomes on it.  Once I get the information into my system, I may figure out a way to get 13 townhomes…or possibly 14!   Or if a developer has land and is talking about putting up 200 single family homes…well I may be able to figure out a way to put up 220 homes, or I might say he is way off and he can only get 180.

These are the little things that could pay large dividends for a project.  Obviously the bigger the project, the more opportunities there will be to find new and creative ways to use the land.  I typically run into these situations with larger projects such as multifamily projects, masterplanning communities, commercial projects, or very large homes because there are so many variables that the clients may not be aware of.  There is a lot that goes into the design of a building no matter the scale of the project or the typology.  I always tell people that the sooner they get me involved on a project the better because it will end up being a more holistic/homogenous project seeing how one person will be able to carry the vision from conceptual napkin sketches to final construction documents.  For further reading please click here.

If you have a piece of land and you’re not sure how to best utilize it, please contact me and we’ll explore the possibilities together.  I can be reached here.