Will an architect design your building?

Here is the scenario: you want to design a building. You go to an architecture firm. You meet the president/owner/founder/principal/head-honcho. He/she presents the firm and how wonderful they are. You are presented with several beautiful images of past buildings that the firm has designed. You even see a bunch of awards and publications. All of this sounds great right? It should! It is great! There is only one question…is this person that is giving you the pitch going to be the one you work with from start to finish? Or is he only there as a figurehead?

This is something most people don’t know or understand about architectural firms. In a lot of firms (not naming names people!) the main purpose of the president, principal (or whatever other title we give this person…you decide) architect figureis simply to reel potential clients in. Once they are signed in, they are immediately shoved to the side and given to someone that works under this “president”. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that the person you wanted…the person that you thought designed all of those beautiful projects, will not be the one designing your building. As a matter of fact, the awards that the firm won may have been won by someone that no longer works at the firm. All of the work, awards, publications, etc. at Balber Architecture, Inc. were earned by me personally. I will be the one that PERSONALLY works with you.

This is critical to know for potential clients. Just because the architecture firm you selected is award-winning doesn’t mean your particular project will be handled by an award-winning architect. It doesn’t even mean your project will be handled by an architect at all. Some firms hire people right out of school that are good at using architectural software and have them design and work with you for the entirety of your project. You may never see the “presidential” person you first met again in your entire life. This is the part that isn’t so great…here you are thinking you are getting an award-winning, registered/licensed architect with many years of experience to personally design your job where in fact you may be the “guinea pig” for someone’s first attempt in the field of architecture.

One of the things that separates Balber Architecture, Inc. from the pack is that when you sign up with my firm you are not only signing up with my team, I am giving you my personal guarantee that I will hold your hand through the entire process of designing and constructing a building. I am not only the founder/president/principal/head-honcho/etc., I am also the MANAGING principal and design director. I do not pass your job to anyone else. The joy of architecture for me is creating architecture…not owning an architecture firm! Honestly that is the part I can do without!

If you have any questions or would simply like to learn more about my company, please contact me here.