caribbean retreat

  • GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE:  +22,000 sf
  • STATUS:  Commissioned – unbuilt
  • LOCATION:  New Providence, Bahamas

The underlying theme that permeates this Caribbean retreat is the idea of conjuring up a romance with the sea. The building becomes “alive” and tries to woo the sea by mimicking its characteristics via form, materiality, texture, color, movement, as well as the idea of potential energy. Experiencing the house begins from the procession. Upon driving road to the house, people would be greeted by glimpses of the home’s beautiful terraced Bermuda roof peaking out over the privacy wall. Once they reach the gate they would catch a full glimpse of the house. If the owners prefer this gate could be more of a privacy gate as opposed to the wrought iron security gate shown in the images.The entire house color-wise is created in duotones: white and pastel pink. The pink could be replaces by a pastel yellow or any other color the clients prefer. The idea is that the house is merely a timeless backdrop for the natural green beauty of the site. The simplicity of the colors and design in general will accentuate not only the foliage, but the sky and the sea.

As soon as a guest would approach the front door via the covered porte cochere, they would enter a 3-story foyer that is lit from above via clerestory windows on all four sides of a cupola. This cupola would help with passive cooling as it would become a cooling tower. In front of them they would see the two-story living room and slightly above them they would see the “bridge” from the upstairs. The view would hit them immediately as they would see through the enormous glazed wall of the living room to the pool (which actually comes right up to the wall of the living room) and then over the pool to the sea beyond. The main concept concerning circulation is that there is a central “hub” (the living room area) in which spaces radiate from (akin to a starfish). From the central hub one can move to the public spaces to the left (living room, dining room) or straight ahead (pool area), or to the semi-public spaces to the right (gym, garage, home office, guest suite), or one can venture upwards to the private spaces (bedrooms, guest quarters, employee quarters).The approach to the gym and home office is flanked by a wall of glass that will allow people to gaze at four of the owner’s prized vehicles. This three car garage would become more of a car trophy room. The “pool pit” is a sort of “dry island” in the middle of the pool that guests can enter fully clothed and feel as though they are immersed in the pool. In the center of the pit would be a fire-pit for bonfires. There could also be an electrically lifted/hidden flat panel television inserted into the wall upon owner request.The glass elevator would seem to “grow” from the stairs as the wrap around the elevator. Seeing how it would be glass on three sides guests would get wonderful views of the sea as they ascended/descended.The kitchen walls virtually vanish to allow for spectacular water views.The pool is designed to allow virtually every time of pool activity: 1) lap pool 2) hot tub 3) area for water volleyball 4) deep end for diving 5) “baja” shelf that is 3” deep to allow for basking in the sun 6) a waterfall feature of varying heights to allow for people to swim under them and be massaged by the falling water. The pool is more than just a pool in this house…it “is” the house in the way that the house grows from it. It will feel as though people are swimming through the house when they’re in the pool.