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Ahh the age-old question concerning the process of designing a building.  How is it done?  With a pencil and paper?  With a special computer program that allows you to hit “create” and then viola…a building appears on the screen?  Architects go about the process of designing a building in a […]

3 ways to design a building

Yes. Extremely. I wanted to write a short article on this topic just for fun (and for the comedic value!). When people think of architects I think they immediately think of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Fountainhead, and famous movies where the “cool” leading man happens to be an architect. All […]

Is it cool being an architect?

Depends who you ask and when you ask them. If you would have asked me that question whilst I was in architecture school I would have said something like, “hell-to- the-no”. If you ask me now, I see it in an entirely different light. I suppose architecture is one of […]

Is architecture school really necessary?

Most of my days as an architect (days without an early appointment) start out with checking emails.  My eyes immediately gravitate towards the emails that scream, “burning fire put me out!!!”.  Within that group of emails I first get rid of the small fires with a reply email consisting of […]

A day in the life of an architect.

This may sound rhetorical, but believe it or not most people don’t know what architects do. The common answer would go something like this, “oh you’re an architect…you draw buildings right?” Well, I suppose we “draw” buildings but it is a tad more complicated than that. We have to understand […]

What do architects do?

building blocks
Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if architecture is something you should pursue: Did you (or do you still) like playing with Lego building blocks?  Seriously.  Legos or other building block type toys are great for two reasons:  they allow you to be creative and they […]

Is architecture the field for me?

Being an architect, in my eyes at least, is a wonderful thing. For the most part the people I work with on a daily basis are all very passionate about their respective jobs which equates to happy people…and everyone knows that dealing with happy people is a good thing.  Dealing […]

Who does an architect work with on a daily basis?