church of the living god

  • STATUS:Β  Commissioned – unbuilt
  • LOCATION:Β Β Tampa, Florida

The entire church was based on the ancient idea of religious procession. Reaching the alter is a journey to be savored as opposed to one that is easily taken for granted. Congregants of the church would have to not only walk down the aisle to get to the pulpit, but around and up the ramp surrounded by blue glass rock. The glass rock is reminiscent of a watery moat thus making the alter somewhat of a dry island. The baptistery is actually hidden beneath the blue rocks by a circular rotating panel. The form of the apse from the outside actually “grows” from a 16″ waterfall and reflecting pool. Originally the church was also going to incorporate a daycare but unfortunately the square footage allotment did not allow for it in the program. The Holy Trinity is something that Pastor Baker felt strongly about so the motif was carried out via 3 translucent circles in 3 separate sliding doors that separate the nave from the flex space. The stained glass cross faces due north. This orientation allows it to emit a soft, celestial glow of light throughout the entire day.