david balber architecture

  • STATUS:  Completed
  • LOCATION:  Tampa, Florida

When this project began the space consisted of nothing more than a series of misplaced partition walls. We analyzed the space and came up with a concept that would not only fit the programmatic requirements of our client, in this case ourselves, but would also be reminiscent of the “b” logo of the firm. Spatially the office is divided into (3) zones: the public (reception/conference area), the semi-public (the workstations), and the private (the principal’s office). The idea of incorporating a circle into the design was born from the clients desire to have the architecture of his office reflect his circle-oriented logo. This circle motif was used for the circle wall, which is basically a huge sliding door that contains a six foot circle. This circle creates a portal into the conference room from the reception area. The circle wall is divided into two segments: the first segment is the stagnant portion. This portion was created with a flat black material (drywall) to accentuate the ever-changing ribbons of the second segment, which is created from Koa wood. This is the sliding portion of the wall. The wall itself is a metaphor for the client’s view of life: the stagnant portion relates to his pragmatic side, whereas the gliding, ever-changing, somewhat transparent / opaque portion speaks to his creative/passionate side. Even the six foot long pipe handle plays into the metaphor. The idea with the handle is that each portion of the door is beautiful in its own right…that is to say; no one element is trying to be another. The handle stands proud alone in its silvery shine against the brown of the Koa wood.