italianate custom home

  • GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE:ย ย 3,752 sf to become 7,777 sf
  • STATUS:ย  Completed
  • LOCATION:ย ย Tampa, Florida

The biggest challenge in any addition is to make the final product look like it was never altered, as opposed to a home that was added on to (unless of course that is the look the client is going for). In this particular case, it will be impossible to tell the old from the new. The aesthetic for this home draws inspiration from Italianate architecture. We played off of the fact that we were building onto an existing home and instead of trying to hide the โ€œins and outsโ€ of the existing walls, we wanted to accentuate them by creating varied pavilions. These pavilions vary in terms of their fenestration, and yet are all linked by coloration and materiality. The pale stucco will accentuate the blue Floridian sky and the lush green of the foliage. The brownish red of the windows and doors echo the tint of the tile roof and are reminiscent of wood elements the villagers would find from their surrounding landscapes. We wanted to continually break down the scale of this rather large home until it spoke more to a human/charming scale.