A day in the life of an architect.

Most of my days as an architect (days without an early appointment) start out with checking emails.  My eyes immediately gravitate towards the emails that scream, “burning fire put me out!!!”.  Within that group of emails I first get rid of the small fires with a reply email consisting of a sentence and maybe an attachment.  Then on to the bigger/more involved “fires”.  Getting the other email problems under control usually takes about one to two hours. tape measure Then it is on to my various projects.  I check to see what stage each of them are in and decipher which one should get the majority of my attention for that day…then I just have at it.  Sometimes the remainder of the day will be spent on design…other days on construction documents…other days code research, etc. etc.  During the course of every day I am constantly bombarded with emails and phone calls so just when I am hitting my stride I can have a phone call or email that can derail me for an hour or two.  It is a constant balancing act. This is why many nights are spent in front of the computer until the after midnight.

Now understand, what I have described is a typical day.  There are some weeks when every day is typical.  Other weeks filled with appointments either with new clients, existing clients, or site visits.  I consider myself a rare breed in that I am just as happy working on the computer in my air conditioned office with my music playing as I am in the field.  If I need a moment of release I paly around on the piano or pick up one of my guitars…but even as I am in the escape I am still “working” in that I am trying to resolve some sort of problem whether it be a design problem or something more technical.  When it is all said and done though nothing compares to the feeling I get when the project is complete, my sign comes down, and the owners take occupancy.  Just seeing something that started out as a sketch turned into a physical thing that people can actually live, work and play in is surreal.