7 things to look for in an architect…

  1. Credentials:  This might sound obvious, but before you hire an “architect” you want to make sure that he/she is indeed an architect.  You’d be surprised at how many times clients have come to me asking if I could fix their drawings that another “architect” did…when it turns out that person or business wasn’t an architect or an architecture firm at all, they were merely posing as one…banking on the fact that most people don’t do their due diligence.  To find out if someone truly is an architect please click here.model
  2. Experience: I bring 16 years of personal experience and along with my trusted consultants my firm brings over 90 years combined experience in the field of architecture.
  3. Talent:  My work has won many awards and has been featured in countless publications.
  4. Accessibility: I pride myself on personally having an open line of communication with my clients.  When you meet with a lot of architects you get to meet them once – at the beginning.  After that you never see them again because they assign someone to your project.   Being the managing principal of Balber Architecture, Inc., I take a very “hands-on” approach to every project that comes through the door.
  5. Understanding of cost control:  From day one my team and I are value-engineering your project to save you as much money as possible while still achieving your architectural goals.
  6. Personality: I offer a free consultation to not only learn about the parameters of my clients’ projects, but also to give them a chance to learn more about me.  It gives us all a chance to build a working rapport.  Working with an architect is a very personal venture.  You could be working with an architect for up to two or even three years from start to finish.  I would categorize my personal working style to be extremely passionate, but also one of great respect for the clients’ wishes.  I love what I do and I only want the best for every client I have.  I am their biggest advocate from start to finish.
  7. Track record:  We have a proven track record.  Check out what people are saying here.  I have never designed a project that didn’t exceed my client’s expectations in terms of design, and from a construction standpoint I will not stop until my client gets a permit.  This is important to understand because some architects upcharge to address comments from the building department while at Balber Architecture, Inc. we feel that if you don’t receive a permit we haven’t done our job.  We have never been involved in a project where we did not receive a permit.