mr. quick loan renovation

  • GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE:  n/a – renovation
  • STATUS:  Completed
  • LOCATION:  Tampa, Florida

The existing building for Mr. Quick Loan read as a structure that had been remodeled over the years. It lacked a general sense of style. It was also very nondescript in terms of how it spoke to the pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The client wanted to make a bold statement and make sure that everyone could easily identify their building as Mr. Quick Loan. This was very challenging seeing how we had to keep pretty much the entire building in tact based on budgetary restraints.

The solution was to accentuate the ins-and-outs of the existing building by introducing a new color palette that tied in with the existing roof color. Pretty much everything we did was additive (adding over existing structure).  The only things we got rid of were a few windows here and there but other than that everything was added on to. We built up the existing roof with parapets to give the illusion of larger massing. We worked with classic proportions and paid close attention to horizontal lines as well as the diagonal of the cascading massing elements. The end result is a homogenous building that reads as though the building was purposely designed as new construction.