paired villas of bradenton

  • GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE: 23,604 sf total (12 units)
  • STATUS:  Completed
  • LOCATION:  Bradenton, Florida

This project consists of two different types of duplex buildings or “paired villas”: a 1-story building and a 2-story building.  There will be three buildings of each built on the site.  The concept is that even though the single building will house two separate units, we wanted the design to read more as a single family luxury home.  The 1-story design is asymmetrical having a campanile off to one side.  We even made the garages different in that one garage is front-loaded and the other is side-loaded.

The 2-story villa has a symmetrical design while still trying to achieve the look of one single family building.  We liked the idea of having the people not know right away that these were in fact duplexes because it feels more luxurious and custom to have a single unified facade with a party wall to clearly delineate between the units.

Another theme with both designs was to have a strong sense of entry for each unit…meaning when friends and family would come visit they would easily be able to identify where the front door was.  This is also a good idea for privacy.  It isn’t uncommon for duplexes to actually share a front porch so when people ring the doorbell to one unit they will have to stand next to the front door of the other unit.  Both of these buildings will have their own very private (and covered) entry points.  This gives the owner a good sense of pride of ownership.   The 2-story villa has both entries facing front whereas the 1-story villa has one unit’s front door facing front and the other facing the side.

To blend into the neighborhood, both buildings were designed in the “Florida-Spanish/Mediterranean” aesthetic.  Basically what this means is that their are some general motifs taken from Mediterranean architecture and then blended into more of a stylized “Florida” version.