palm harbor healing institute

  • STATUS:  Commissioned – unbuilt
  • LOCATION:  Palm Harbor, Florida

The concept for this institute was to have it appear to be “born” from the land. Since it is located directly adjacent to a protected wetland, it obviously was not possible to use materials from the site. The solution to achieving an organic aesthetic was to face the building with flagstones…but only in certain areas. This would allow the building elevations to cascade, or undulate…thus being reminiscent of nature. The site itself was extremely challenging to work with because of its triangular shape. The shape coupled with the extremely specific program made the floor plan a big hurdle to overcome. Every inch mattered to the clients. The solution to these challenges was to create an orthogonal grid originating from the 2-story atrium space, and then having said grid superimpose on the triangle and allow the adjacencies to dictate the angles that would be needed to accomplish the square footage requirements. The atrium was to house an elevator, a lounge, and a water feature. This was accomplished by having the elevator shaft “grow” from the water feature…meaning that one side of the elevator shaft will appear to cascade into the water feature by using cascading flagstones and a recirculating pump. This same concept was used in the exterior water feature, where the wall of the building actually “peels off” the façade to create a beautiful waterfall.