urban north townhomes

  • GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE: 30,766 sf total (12 units)
  • STATUS:  Completed
  • LOCATION:  Tampa, Florida

Urban North Townhomes is a multifamily project consisting of two buildings, each containing six units.  The units are all three-stories high and range in gross square footage from 2,029 – 2,938 sf.  The concept is that all of the units face inwards towards a central drive aisle. This drive aisle not only allows for vehicular traffic but also lends itself to pedestrians in the way that it will be surrounded by many “ins and outs” from the two buildings, making the center aisle feel like a protected inner sanctum for the tenants.  The goal would be for people to find the lines blurred between units so that they would feel more of a sense of community.  In other words, it wouldn’t so much be about whose dwelling is larger than someone else’s, but just the fact that they are all in the same building should bring the inhabitants a sense of joy and pride.  Another impetus for the project was the idea of breaking down the imposing three story masses into a human scale.  Every unit is unique and will give an interesting perspective from every angle.

These small vignettes were treated not only as “ins and outs”, but also in terms of color and fenestration.  The unifying element will be the flat stucco divided into compartments on axis with varying design elements such as windows, doors, and other pavilions.