usonian home

  • GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE:ย  2,100 sf
  • STATUS:ย  Commissioned – unbuilt
  • LOCATION:ย  Saratoga, California

The client wanted to use organic materials to accentuate the surrounding nature in this long and sleek usonian home with obvious inspirations from Frank Lloyd Wright. Red clay brick, red-stained concrete, and cherry stained hardy plank โ€œskinโ€ the building. The rich reds and deep browns create a harmonious interaction with the foliage of the site. The home pays homage to the site in its emphasis of the verticality of the pine trees by making the building appear very long and horizontal by using terraced flat roofs that break the building into pedestrian-scaled โ€œpavilionsโ€. The entire concept is further broken down in scale by creating a clear delineation between the public faรงade that faces the street and the private facades that face the nature preserve towards the rear. The front facades are very heavy and fortress-like, whereas the preserve-facing facades are very light and airy with large curtain walls that afford endless green views. Essentially every room in the house has an unobstructed view to the pine forest and zen garden beyond.