• STATUS:  Commissioned – unbuilt
  • LOCATION:  Gainesville, Florida

Most clients say they want a home with a pool…this client said he wanted a pool with a house.  We started this project by designing a pool with everything the client wanted: a hot tub, a Baja shelf, waterfalls, changes in elevation, a wet/dry eating area, and a lap pool.  We then proceeded to literally design the home around the pool and viola the “waterhouse” was born.  The pool is the star of this building far and away.  It is the first thing you see when you open the door and can be viewed by all of the primary rooms of the home including: sunken living room, music room, kitchen, dining room, pinball room, office, master suite, foyer, and secondary bedroom.   The way the circulation in the home works is interesting in that it is circular both within the interior and going from inside to outside spaces.  The building played with the topography of the site by having the pool follow the contours of the land but with more straight lines to accentuate the gentle hills of the site.