why choose us?

urban north townhomesPASSION:

Balber Architecture offers unparalleled passion for architecture.  each project is an adventure…a journey into the built environment.  We love what we do to the point of working even when our families tell us to stop!  The problem is, to us this isn’t work at all…it is our passion.



We are extremely accessible to our clients.  We’ve found that over the years most people tend to stress about people on their design team not getting back to them in a timely manner.  We live for this stuff so it isn’t uncommon for us to get back to our clients within a few hours.  With Balber Architecture you’ll never feel ignored or in the dark on your project.

VALUE ENGINEERING (saving you money!!!):

As the architect on your project, we will do everything within our power to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.  There are so many components, assemblies, and products that go into each building we do that most of the time owners don’t realize that we’ve saved them thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars just by paying attention to how we detail our buildings.


We are constantly taking continuing education classes to make sure our clients get the most of modern technological breakthroughs in the building industry.


It is hard to stay humble on a webpage entitled, “why choose us”!  But ’tis true, we’ve won a lot of awards.  So much so that we’ve actually stopped entering our projects into design competitions.  Click here to see what we’ve won.


Once again trying to stay humble here…but please feel free to peruse some of the publications we’ve been featured in.  Don’t get this confused with some firms that say they’ve been in magazines only to find out they’ve paid to be in magazines(not that there’s anything wrong with that)!


We like to think out of the box…way out of the box.  It isn’t uncommon for clients to come to us with an idea and for us to extrapolate it into something totally different while maintaining the initial vision of the client.


We build every project in the 3-D computer realm to take away any guesswork about a design.  These computer models are built to scale and can easily be manipulated.  They are placed on your site using longitudinal and latitudinal data so that we can depict shadows for any time of day, and day of year.  They allow us to go inside, outside, and actually slice the building horizontally and vertically in real-time to study  how the building will function and look.  This is an invaluable tool that separates us from the competition.  We always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are comfortable with the design before we create a full set of construction documents.


When David Balber started the firm back in 2006 (formerly David Balber Architecture…name changed with the coming of his first son Jake), the one element that he wanted to permeate into every project was that the end result will be for the client not us.   The end result will be a building, but alas…as much as we love our buildings they aren’t ours.  They belong to us in that they get categorized in our portfolio of our life’s work, but they belong to the client.  This is why ego plays a very small role in what we do…when you choose us you come first.  Period.


Even though the buildings we create don’t belong to us, we treat them like our own.  We often refer to them as our “babies” as we do everything we can for them to flourish in the world.


While aesthetics are always on our minds, life-safety issues always trump looks.   Code comes first and we’ll be the first to step in and say “no” to a client if we feel there is no safe way to pull of his/her dream…though this doesn’t happen often!  We have heard some strange requests and have never had to eliminate an important aspect of a design due to safety.


Our team of licensed engineers led by fearless architect leader David Balber brings well over 90 years of combined experience.  David has close to 20 years experience in the field of architecture in the greater Tampa Bay area.


At the initial free consultation David will define the scope of your work.  This will tell us which team members need to be involved on your project.  Throughout the process your key contact will always be David Balber.  As an architect nobody knows his buildings better than he does, which is why he needs to have a strong hands-on approach to design.  Architects are the conductors of the symphony…even more than that, they need to know how to play every instrument…or at least be able to play, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on every instrument! 🙂


Designing a building from the ground up is something most people can only dream of.  If you find yourself in this lucky position please contact us here to set up a private meeting with David.  He promises to not only make your project a great one, but to make the process fun as well.  The process of creating a building doesn’t have to be filled with fear and trepidation….allow us to hold your hand through the process so you can just sit back and enjoy!