british colonial home


The idea behind this 7,300 sf British Colonial home was to create a tasteful marriage of several distinctive design aesthetics; British Colonial, Seaside, Florida Eclectic to name a few. The orthogonal lines of the structure carry into the auto court to create a very clean and crisp design. The highlight of the front elevation is the cantilevered balcony that runs the entire length of the front façade. The 3-car garage will function as a 6-car garage by allowing cars to be lifted via hydraulic lifts to allow cars to park underneath. This will allow the homeowner to house his car collection in a compact space.The rear of the home has a balcony that boasts stunning views of the open Bay as it wraps around the building. At night the coach lights along the balcony coupled with the sconces attached the columns of the lanai below make for dramatic shadow lines nestled behind a 48” grandfather oak tree.
The entire plan of this home was derived out of necessity.  The owners cam to us with a site that had a major tree located directly in the center of the parcel.  Even though this was a challenge, we feel that the more challenging a site is, the more interesting architecture it creates.  Every site has its own assets as well as challenges…it is just a question of listening to what the site is trying to tell us.  In the end the home gently encased the tree.  Sometimes in architectural terms historians might refer to this as creating an inner “womb” where the tree is the child and the home is the mother safely protecting her child.  That was the vision:  to have the home peacefully protect the owners and bring joy to their lives.

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