key west inspired home


The clients wanted a home that was cozy and full of charm inspired by a northern cottage.  While this concept may sound rather mundane, it is anything but when you consider it is located on a very water-oriented site in Tampa, Florida.  The roof line and massing come together to form interesting vignettes from every elevation to give this project a sense of “northern style”. The procession into the home cascades from an elevated sundeck to a small open-aired porch which leads to a larger front porch. The rear of the home features a very dynamic lanai area with sundeck areas defined by built-in planters.
The scale of this home is thrown off on purpose to keep its “cozy” factor. Meaning that when people look at the home from the street, the thin entry arch seems to be only 8′ tall…when in fact is it closer to 12′.   While things are larger than they may seem at first, they are proportionate and to scale thus allowing people to instantly feel a sense of home.

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